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Building a disruptive exchange?

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Building a disruptive exchange?

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We are passionate about providing disruptive technology solutions and domain expertise for consumer driven marketplaces and exchanges

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We like you to think of us as part of your team. We'll give your ideas as much love and attention as we would if they were our own.

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We want to hear about your ideas and add value so that their chances of success are as high as possible.

  • Design and UX

The user experience can often be overlooked. Without users you have nothing. They need to be shown some love!

  • Technical architecture

Building state of the art trading platforms is not a simple task. Our technology experts design flawless applications with the highest performance.

  • SEO and digital marketing

Once you have a product, don't expect anyone to know about it. Online marketing is a many faceted discipline and needs to be given due consideration.

  • Market expertise

We have been building markets for years and we are passionate about creating disruptive products in the finance sector.

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Lend small or large amounts of money quickly against asset-backed secured loans
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Asset Match

A peer to peer platform that facilitates transactions in unlisted securities, private equity and illiquid assets
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Pelican Exchange

The central exchange for buying and selling investment performance
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