Is Bitcoin fiat money but without accountability?

As the noise around Bitcoin continues I thought it was time to understand this alternative currency a bit more. The key questions that I wanted to explore were:

The mining and supply side equation.

Learning how to mine Bitcoins would probably take quite a lot of dedication in understanding the processes and steps provided by Bitcoin. Whilst you don’t need to be a software developer to do…

Is P2P lending about to hit the sweet spot by becoming G2B?

Zopa has just closed another round of investment with investors including Augmentum (backed by RIT Rothschild) who are obviously hoping that the industry is poised for growth. The banking back-drop certainly continues to be favourable for Zopa, in fact I would say that it is surprising that P2P lending isn’t a bigger force when banks are being so cautious on lending. So why is this….?

The Micro finance revolution

Are we entering a Golden era of small, agile businesses that can innovate quickly and disrupt the incumbent corporations of the 20th century? I certainly think this is possible in the banking and finance sector. The evidence for me is not the P2P lending markets but the online pay day loan platforms such as Wonga.

One thing the banks can’t do is flexibility. I can go onto Wonga’s website,…

Marketplaces make the city of London a global hub.

Lloyds of London.

Modern insurance was invented in the coffee shops of the city of London in the 17th century. Ship owners and traders from around the growing British empire would congregate in coffee shops such as that of Mr. Lloyd on Lombard street. If you had a ship returning from India and your fellow ship owners might have had one returning from Jamaica or New England, it made a lot…

London is becoming a centre for disruptive finance

I believe that we are close to a tipping point in disruptive business models in alternative finance that will turn traditional retail and corporate banking activities on their head in a way that the internet has already changed so many other industries. And, our capital city is going to lead the way and become the global centre for this new phase of the financial industry.

There are good solid…

Where are all the start-ups funded through SEIS?

On the face of it the SEIS scheme is a fantastic incentive for investors and entrepreneurs alike.

Neither private individuals nor Venture Capital want to invest in start-ups simply because they are very high risk, by taking away as much as 78% of the capital risk through SEIS funding should get people excited. So why aren’t we hearing more about all the start-ups and investors taking…

Barter in the internet era

Historically, barter has often played a role when monetary systems have failed. When no-one trusts the money, people tend to start exchanging goods directly without any money changing hands. These tend to be short lived “en extremis” situations until faith is restored into the monetary system. With the obvious flaw to any barter system being that you need a happy coincidence of opposit…

Blueprint for a gold bank

Throughout history gold has been used in transactions and as a form of savings. Today, using gold to make payments is no longer practised in the Western world, many argue this is due to the impracticality of using the precious metal. However this no longer need be the case. Below, Ralph Hazell, explains how your gold investment could one day turn into a means for making payments in a number of…

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