The chancellor and his bitcoin

So, George Osbourne, the chancellor, officially owns some Bitcoin. Does his bank know about this? Because they might close down his bank account!

This is still the sad reality of the banking sector’s fear of Bitcoin. Many companies that have anything to do with Bitcoin are having their bank accounts closed down. But this is about to change because the Chancellor wants to make London the world centre for virtual currencies. Whilst he didn’t mention the word Bitcoin (strange) his speech left me in little doubt that the regulators and banks are going to change their tack on how they approach strange new products such as Bitcoin.

Microexchanges is really proud to be one of the founder members of Innovate Finance. I do believe that Innovate Finance will successfully raise the profile of fintech and alternative finance and help make the UK the undisputed world leader in this sector.

We’ve been working in this sector for 7 years now and it is truly unbelievable to see the change in acceptance and understanding of the potential.
We built the world’s first P2P currency exchange, Moneyswap PLC- We’ve built P2P lending platforms, trade tracking systems and now we are one of the pioneers in P2P insurance, having won the Aviva hackathon with InsureMyFriend.

The Real Asset Co. is now developing possibly the first fully gold-backed crypto currency, which leverages the Bitcoin blockchain protocol.

Exciting times!

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